Photography by Jaynee is a proud affiliated photographer for the Magic Hour Foundation.  Magic Hour is a beautiful Colorado-based foundation committed to provide charitable portrait sessions to cancer patients and survivors.

Jessica Q.
2d ago

Jaynee did a 3 month old photo shoot with my son. The pictures were so adorable!!! Jaynee was really professional and personable as well. She had great ideas how to position him and was really quick so that we got good shots before he moved around. I'll definitely be going back!

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I was first introduced to photography while in undergraduate school.  I found myself delightfully enticed by this new mystical world.  I would hurry back to the darkroom after clicking the day, away excited to see my work come to life. 

After graduating, I started my professional career as a registered nurse in a fast paced environment.  While I could not be more proud of my work and enjoyed what I did, a part of me craved for the creative energy of the darkroom and the ability to flex that left side of my brain. 

Years after my days of college, I once again found a camera in my hand, which I allowed to lead me back to the path of photography. 

With the world seemingly spinning faster, we often forget to take the time to stop and capture the beauty of the life as it happens.  I love photography because it allows me to create something that is uniquely me while in connection to another person, object or place. 

Photography reminds me that life is a series of snapshots and I invite you to observe life captured through my eyes. 

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